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Monday, July 12, 2010

Panasam’09- State Level Workshop on Jackfruit

Recommendations of the workshop
The workshop observed that due to impediments in the supply chain management; commercial production and marketing of jackfruit in Kerala is not feasible in the present scenario and identified the following limitations.
1.    Prominence of the late bearing types with bearing period coinciding the rainy season of the state (April –July), results in general deterioration of quality of fresh fruits.
2.    Harvesting and procurement of the fruits from the numerous homesteads is expensive due to the heavy dependence on skilled tree climbing labourers and due to the scattered nature of the holdings.
3.    Absence of organised marketing channels for jackfruit result in poor movement of the produce form the producers end to the consumers end.
4.    Lack of organized systems for supply of adequate quantity of the raw material to the processing unit, leading to short supply of raw material, is the main hindrance in starting Jack fruit processing as a commercial enterprise.
                                                     The workshop made the following futuristic recommendations for promoting consumption, product diversification and value addition of jack fruit in Kerala.
1.    Short statured early bearing types of jack fruit to be identified, multiplied and distributed through KVKs, Agricultural university , government , NGO and private farms utilizing assistance available under programmes like NHM, RKVY, etc.
2.    Plantations of desired jack fruit genotypes as seen in Vietnam and also in waste lands as part of waste land development programme need to be promoted. 
3.    Promote Jack tree nurseries as an enterprise.
4.    Human resource development activities in areas of propagation, primary and secondary processing and value addition on an extensive manner need to be done.
5.    Viable value addition technologies of jack fruit need to be promoted among small entrepreneurial groups, especially women groups, in areas where the fruit is available in plenty.
6.    Location specific, entrepreneur friendly value added products should be promoted and suitable technologies for the preparation of value added products need to be identified from technologies available, which should be primarily based on market study and consumer acceptance.
7.     Since only 36% of a jack fruit is used in traditional processing, integrated jack processing, in which all parts of the fruit such as rind, bulb, pulp and seeds is utilized for production of various products and processing units with diversified production facilities should be promoted to minimize the wastage of the raw material and to reduce cost of production.
8.    The training on jack fruit processing should be designed in such manner that the trainee is transformed to an entrepreneur. The training institution shall render post training follow up assistance during project preparation , setting up of processing facility , preparation of specified quality products and  marketing (parenting and hand holding ) till the unit overcomes the teething troubles.
9.    Low cost and efficient machineries need to be developed to do primary and secondary processing of jackfruit. Machinery for drudgery reduction in the removal of bulbs from the fruits and seeds from the bulbs, need to be developed for faster processing of fruits during season, which will enhance the availability of raw material for processing throughout the year.
10. Cost effective equipments, to process and preserve jack fruit as bulbs, flakes or pulp, for small entrepreneurs need to be developed
11. The export potential of jackfruit products need to be evaluated and specific programmes for exporting processed jackfruit products need to be developed.
12. An extensive directory / database of farms ( governmental / nongovernmental) having larger area under jack , jack nurseries, entrepreneurs , manufacturers of processing equipments, Jackfruit markets, traders of jackfruit products , training and technology support institutions, etc shall be prepared and published.
13. Steps to be initiated for the formation of “jack Growers association” as in Karnataka, in locations where jack is grown in abundance need to be taken to link jack growers and to increase the bargaining power of the farmer.
14. Massive awareness programmes on the nutritive value and health benefits of jack fruit consumption should be done, especially among the youth, to increase the consumer awareness.
15. A state level body for jack should be created for coordination of various programs related to jack fruit.
16. State level “jack Mela” to be organized every year to bring jack fruit in better perspective.
17. A web portal exclusively on Jack fruit to be constructed and a net work of individuals and institutions interested in promotion of value added products of jack fruit to be developed.
18. Collect, Document and consolidate ITKs on jack fruit and validate them through research.
19. Since jack is grown organically in the state, action for marketing the fruit as an organic produce of the state should be taken.
20. Jack fruit can be potentially used for production of wine.  Production and marketing of jack fruit wine by farmers as a farm produce should be legalized by the creation or amendment of necessary law.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Take-home Jackfruit packets turn instant success

In whole of our country, lose fresh fruit lets of Jackfruit is only available on road-sides, in unhygienic conditions. It is unfortunate that we haven’t tried to cater clean; well packed fresh fruit lets to middle class and upper middle class customers. It is only in recent past that super markets have started introducing jack fruit lets in cling film packets. But the supply is not consistent.
In 2-day Jackfruit and Kokum Fair held at Sirsi, Karnataka on 12th & 13th June, for the first time, polypropylene ‘Take-home’ packets were introduced. To attract more customers, it was nominally priced at Rs 10. The container itself costs two Rupees. In two days, more than 600 packets were sold. Later demands couldn’t be satisfied as the packets got exhausted. Says Vishweshar Bhat, Manager, Kadamba Marketing co-operative, who have been organizing Jack Fair for third successive year: “In the years to come, we’ll give more attention to take home packets and it will be a regular feature in our Jack Fairs.”

This is just a tip of the ice-burg of the potential demand in the country for quality jack fruitless in take home packets. Branding with a very tasty variety of fruits or fruits of a particular area has further scope to increase the demand for this segment.

Photo-n-Text : Shree Padre,

JACKFRUIT-WONDER FRUIT: ‘Jack Flower’- unique way of opening Jackfruits

JACKFRUIT-WONDER FRUIT: ‘Jack Flower’- unique way of opening Jackfruits

Thursday, July 8, 2010

‘Jack Flower’- unique way of opening Jackfruits

In India, the motherland of Jackfruit, there is diversity not only in jackfruit varieties, but in ways in which the ripe fruit is opened.
See the photo. This farmer from Tumkur, Karnataka was selling lose fruit lets of their outstanding variety of Jackfruit in recently held Jackfruit workshop at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India.
See how beautifully he has opened the fruit. In Belgaum, the fresh fruit sellers have a different unique way of opening Jackfruits. Can any jack-lovers expose pix of such uniquely opened jackfruit pix from other areas of India and other countries and kindly post in this blog?

Pix and Text by Shree Padre