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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wayanad Jack Fest

4-day Wayanad Jack Fest

May 20th to 23rd

Uravu Bamboo village will host its sixth Jackfruit festival from May 20th to 23rd at Kalpetta, Wayanad. Uravu was the first organization to start Jack Fests way back in 2006. Now the movement has spread to the whole Kerala state.

Venue of the fest is SKMJ High school; Kalpetta. The festival will have Open Forum, Display and live demos of value added products of jack, competitions to school children etc. Theme of this year’s fest is ‘Food for all.’

In connection with popularizing Jackfruit, Uravu has been giving training for local women in Jackfruit product making including papad, jelly, fruit bar, varatty and a score of other tasty eatables. A good number of these women will bring their products for sale at the festival.

Wayanad is well connected by road from Mysore and Kozhikode.

For details -

PP Daniel – 097443 00120

CD Suneesh – 096057 30334

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Panruti Jackfruit misses World Record

An Indian Jumbo jackfruit that could have made world news unfortunately missed it recently.

The jackfruit in question, grown at Panruti, the jackfruit paradise of India in Cuddalore district, however made a record. Do you know how much price it brought for the grower? A neat 1000 Rs!

Grown in farmer Karunakaran’s jackfruit orchard of Melmambattu, it was weighed before selling at Panruti mandi. It was unbelievable 81 kilos!

Guinness world record for biggest jackfruit stands in the name of a Hawaiian farmer. However this weighed only 34.4 Kg. “Your jackfruit is almost the double weight of our record winning one,” hearing the news of this Panruti jackfruit, Ken Love, who reported the Hawaiian Jack for Guinness World Records, reacted. Adds he half jocularly, “If it was here, we could have sold it for 1000 dollars.”

But P. Haridoss, Assistant Director Agriculture, Panruti, himself a farmer is not as excited as Ken. “Such big jackfruit is not unusual in Panruti. In Melmambattu and Maligaipattu villages every year many huge jackfruits are grown. But none keeps it separate, weighs and gives special attention to that”, he says.

Karunakaran’s orchard has three trees that give jumbo fruits. What is the reason behind such huge jackfruits? “There are not one, but many reasons, I think”, analyses Haridoss, “first and foremost is thinning. Then the manuring plus irrigation. The genotype and soil condition are also seem to play a role.”

Take it from me; it is only a matter of time before Panruti hits world headlines through Guinness Book of World Records, thanks to its often growing jumbo jackfruits.

Shree Padre with inputs from P. Haridoss

Photo: P. Haridoss,

Sirsi Jack Fest on June 11th & 12th

Sirsi, district headquarters of Uttara Kannada, an overnight journey from Bangalore would celebrate its fourth Jackfruit festival on June 11th and 12th.

Kadamba Market Souharda Sahakari Niyamitha (KMSSN), a marketing co-operative organization has been organizing this fest with the help of other organization. This year Western Ghats Task Force is giving financial help for the event.

Three local hotels – Nammoora Hotel, Sathkar Hotel and Ganesh Darshana – will join hands in the festival by preparing special recipes at their respective hotels during the two day programme.
All the participants in the inaugural function would be presented with a jackfruit graft that is provided by State Forest Department.
‘Halasina Aduge maadi thanni’ contest requires contestants to prepare jackfruit recipes at their homes and to bring it to the festival along with a written recipe. Best entries will be given awards. In addition those who have done considerable achievement in grafting, jackfruit cultivation and value addition would be honoured.
“This year the focus of value addition is from Jackfruit seeds”, explains Vishweshwara Bhat, CEO of KMSSN.
Twenty five selected jack grafts would be given to selected 25 farmers to raise a ‘Halasu Vana’ (Jackfruit Orchard).
In a preparatory meeting held recently various committees were formed for planning and executing each of the above activities. Regular attractions like jackfruit exhibition, exhibition and sales of jackfruit value added products, ‘All Jackfruit lunch’ etc will continue this year too.

Contact : (08384) 233 163,