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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Labeling models –An initiativeof KVK Pathanamthitta for promotion of Jack fruit

CARD Krishi Vigyan Kendra is in the fore front of jack fruit promotion as we believe that jack fruit which is a by default organic fruit in Kerala has an important role in ensuring food security of our nation. Presently, jackfruit as a whole and especially the soft fruited “Kuzha” variety has a very low market value in Kerala leading to wastage of fruits. The CARD Krishi Vigyan Kendra Home Science division started promotion of value addition of jackfruit and developed processing standards for 28 jack products. The traditional and technical jack products made by the SHG groups fail in the market because of reasons like variation in quality among different product batches, lack of proper packaging and labeling, lack of proper application of marketing strategies etc. Realizing this, CARD-Krishi Vigyan Kendra in 2009 started developing standards for labeling and packaging for Jackfruit and other underexploited fruit products. Based on the developed standards, the KVK Home science division trained rural women on value addition of underexploited fruits. The rural women following the standards reported a 30% increase in the sale volumes of the products. This simple intervention in the presentation of the products boosted the morale of the rural entrepreneur to take up jackfruit value addition as an income generation activity and taking another step towards achieving food security

Text by : Rincy K Abraham, Subject matter Specialist(Hort.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A repository of Jack Recipes

A grandmother slowly walks upto the dias and keeps a plateful of deserts on the floor of the dias. Organisers pick up that plate and offer the contents to all dignitaries including a minister. Everybody likes the sweet – It was jackfruit peda. Occasion : Recent Jack Festival at Sirsi, Karnataka.

At 75, Indira Ajji (grandmother) is a repository of jackfruit recipes. Jackfruit papad, chips, sambar, kadabu are usual Malenadu recipes during jackfruit season. Indira Ajji knows a range of breakfast items like tellevu (a kind of dosa), roti, vada, bonda, dosa and dinner items like suttevu, priaju, sole kochchalu, undalikalu, (sweets), bajji, chakke paladya, sole paladya, palya made out of jackfruit peel, hadigadde palya, sole hasi.

No one approached her to participate in the Jack Fest. It was her passion that drove her to make special jackfruit pedas for the occasion. Sensing her enthusiasm, organisrs called her to the dias and recognized her with a memento. T was a surprise for the grand old lady who had surprised all the spectators and organizers of the fest in her own humble and novel way.

Recalled she, “when I was in my village Nakshe I used to get ample of jackfruits. But now, living at Sirsi town, I don’t get choice jackfruits for my preparation.”

Photo & Text : Sandhya Hegde Almane

Have jackfruit, Bless Us

Yethadka is a small hamlet in Kasaragod district famous for its traditional check-dams, locally called as kattas.

Sice nearly half a century, in local Sadashiva temple, an unusual ritual is celebrated in karthika masa.That day appa made from jackfruit is offered to the God. Villagers gathered on the occasion hail praises for jackfruit.

This might be a token of respect for the ‘second Kalpavruksha’ of Kerala that is the lead fruit that offers local food security. Of course, offering one’s best to the God is an age old custom.

Contributed by Chandrashekhar Yethadka