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Monday, January 10, 2011

Jackfruit flakes in brine

Preserving unripe Jackfruit flakes in brine is a traditional method in coastal Karnataka. During off-season, that is September to January, this is washed well as used as a vegetable for making curries. In local Tulu language of Dakshina Kannada district, this is called as Uppad Pachchil.

Gowda Saraswat Brahmins, nicknamed as GSB’s are very fond of this product. As such, this is available in lose in some shops in Mangalore and Karkala. Karkala town in Udupi district supplies this product in tons to GSB’s of Mumbai. Undlakalu, a spherical fried product made out of jackfruit flakes in brine is an ethnic product that is very popular.

Now a home industry from Udupi – Shwetha Home industries – of Perdoor near Manipal has introduced unripe Jackfruit flakes in brine in plastic packets. A 500 gram packet (excluding the weight of the salt solution) is priced at Rs 60. “Consumer response is very good. We would make more in the next season”, says Shripathy Aithal, owner of this home industry.

Contributed by Adike Patrike

Friday, July 9, 2010

Take-home Jackfruit packets turn instant success

In whole of our country, lose fresh fruit lets of Jackfruit is only available on road-sides, in unhygienic conditions. It is unfortunate that we haven’t tried to cater clean; well packed fresh fruit lets to middle class and upper middle class customers. It is only in recent past that super markets have started introducing jack fruit lets in cling film packets. But the supply is not consistent.
In 2-day Jackfruit and Kokum Fair held at Sirsi, Karnataka on 12th & 13th June, for the first time, polypropylene ‘Take-home’ packets were introduced. To attract more customers, it was nominally priced at Rs 10. The container itself costs two Rupees. In two days, more than 600 packets were sold. Later demands couldn’t be satisfied as the packets got exhausted. Says Vishweshar Bhat, Manager, Kadamba Marketing co-operative, who have been organizing Jack Fair for third successive year: “In the years to come, we’ll give more attention to take home packets and it will be a regular feature in our Jack Fairs.”

This is just a tip of the ice-burg of the potential demand in the country for quality jack fruitless in take home packets. Branding with a very tasty variety of fruits or fruits of a particular area has further scope to increase the demand for this segment.

Photo-n-Text : Shree Padre,